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Reasons why Texas weather is tough on roofs

Some places can be extra tough on roofs. Those are the locations that can wear down any kind of roof faster. They demand not just maintenance and repairs but replacement as well. 

One of those places is the state of Texas. If you are a resident of a city in Texas like Addison, then you know how tough it can be for your roof out there. There’s a lot that your roof needs to deal with that sooner or later, it will require some patching up.

The number one culprit is mother nature itself. That is also very true for other places as well, especially since one of the main functions of roofs is to serve as protection from the harsh elements.

However, resident knows that there are indeed plenty of weather-based challenges there. Every home, therefore, needs to have a sturdy and high-quality roof to be able to stand up to all of the wear and tear.

Knowing the exact main reasons why Texas weather is tough on roofs would be helpful, though. Whether you’re a long-time resident of the state or are just planning on building a home there, you could definitely use the information.

Tremendous Heat

The tremendous heat is one of the main reasons why the weather in Texas is just so tough on roofs. After all, Texas is one of the hottest states in the country. Around August, the temperatures can be as high as 101 degrees F. Just imagine your roof being exposed to that level of heat. It might as well be an oven as it traps and radiates excessive heat. The sun’s heat will wear down the materials that make up your roof. In order to limit this from happening, use materials that are more resistant to heat such as metal sheets, wood shingles, or shakes. 

Strong Winds and Rainfall

Strong winds and rainfall are among the major reasons why Texas weather is quite damaging to roofs. Texas is visited by strong hurricanes and storms during the course of the year. The strong winds have the potential to blow off or severely damage your roof. They can particularly blow off roof shingles, clay tiles, as well as other parts of your roof. And they can also blow different types of debris on your roof and also cause severe damage to it. Those winds are either blowing on their own or as part of major storms.

Lightning and Hailstorms

Lightning has lately become more unpredictable. They are now occurring at different times of the year as they become more unpredictable. The same is true for hailstorms as they have seemingly changed their patterns in a similar fashion. One of the dangers of hailstorms is that they sometimes bring large chunks of ice and that can be very damaging to your roof if it happens to fall or hit. 

The above are certainly some of the main reasons why Texas weather is tough on roofs. Whether you’re a resident of Addison or other cities in the state, you’ll need to take every one of these into serious consideration if you’re buying, building, or renovating a home in the area. Visit Addison Roofing.

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